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Global UNITALKS is a global platform created for the silk road

universities students and youths to exchange their ideas and

views on various topics & themes related to technological

developments, Science, Arts, and humanities.


This platform is for the students who have passion and drive to

excel in their life and share their knowledge and ideas with


Its also a platform for students to gain soft skills and public

speaking abilities to be future leaders.

UNITALK is a Silk Road Students global community, welcoming

students from every discipline and culture who seek

a deeper understanding of the world. We believe passionately

in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately,

the world.

UNITALKS has global teams in each Silk Road countries lead

by the Country President who will be responsible for carrying

out the initiatives of UNITALKS in their region.


UNITALKS have two yearly events International English Speaking Contest which is held every summer vacation (15th August & 30th August every year ) & International Debate Competitions which is held every winter vacation ( 27th December & 15th January every year)  In these two events there are age limits 16-22 years . Other than this, we have monthly events where the youth upto 35 years can join & do speech competitions to win the speaker of the month award /speaker of the Year award.

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